34th St Wholistic Community Garden

About Us

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34th street Wholistic Community Garden


805 34th Street

Gulfport, Ms




  • The 34th Street Wholistic Gardens & Education Centers mission is to provide access to healthy, affordable food and to educate the surrounding community about health and nutrition. Our mission will also include educating the local community about environmental stewardship on the MS Gulf Coast.  


  • The 34th Street Wholistic Gardens & Education Center is comprised of volunteers from communities all over the MS Gulf Coast. Master gardeners, local schools, higher institutes of learning, and residents from diverse communities.


  • We are a 501-c(3) non-profit charitable organization. Your contribution, regardless of amount, will contribute greatly to our efforts. In addition to impacting current communities, every dollar will allow future generations to benefit from having access to healthy and sustainable foods. The individuals of these local communities will be given the tools to become good stewards of the land where they will live, play, grow, work and raise families.


  • 34th Street Community Garden will also provide Health & Wellness classes to the public and its members. 







Our Story


The Mississippi Gulf Coast is a vibrant region, home to many diverse cultures. It has its challenges because its location is often impacted by floods, high winds, and storms. In recent years the impact of these natural forces has taken its toll on communities throughout the region. While the nation is under the impression that hurricane Katrina impacted only the Louisiana gulf coast in 2005, the MS Gulf Coast region was ground zero in terms of the disaster’s impact. The terrible winds and storm surge wiped out much of the area and life was forever changed. Restoration continues to this day.  

One of the major disparities that grew out of the disaster was the increase of food deserts and access to nutritious foods and grocery stores. In some cases many distressed communities still have little or no access to food stores and often shop at many of the discount stores that have popped up in their place. These stores often carry inferior foods that have no nutritious value and are in effect very harmful to the health and wellbeing of residents. The 34th Street Wholistic Gardens & Education Center aims to make the MS Gulf Coast Region’s food healthy again by offering community gardens and education centers. This project intends to address the health and wellness needs of the MS Gulf Coast population. The gardens are not only potential outlets for intergenerational learning, but will provide access to foods through neighborhood farmers markets and accessible community gardens. The gardens will be maintained by local residents while giving the opportunity for residents to learn about gardening, other cultures, and the environment. We need the help of folks locally, regionally and nationally to promote our efforts in growing organic gardens and utilizing systems to produce the best foods with the greatest impact on the health and wellbeing of people in our region.